Please familiarize yourself with this important information, before you start the process.

Where are your images?

You can deliver your images to us in two ways:

  • If your high-resolution images/scans are available online in a zoomable viewer, then send a message to and ask if the viewer is compatible with Georeferencer. Please provide a link with a sample image. It is not necessary to upload your images as we will connect to them directly using your metadata sheet.

  • You have your maps in TIFF format (the only format with a guarantee of the best quality and compatibility with our IIIF Hosting service used in Georeferencer)

How many maps do you wish to add to the Georeferencer project?

You will have to purchase a Georeferencer Plan in accordance with the number of maps that you wish to add (refer to

How many GB are available for the maps?

The GB capacity of the maps will be a key point when deciding which hosting plan to choose (refer to If you plan on adding more maps in near future, you have the option of purchasing a higher hosting plan which will meet your future requirements.

Does your project page require a customized design?

We offer a customized design for the project page (refer to, which includes an integration of the Georeferencer project page with your website - headers, footers and color scheme.  For this service, we only require the link to your web page that you wish for us to integrate your Georeferencer project page with. The integration of your logo is a part of the Initial Service Setup. A design similar to your institution web page helps to boost the crowdsourcing.

Payment methods

Payments are typically processed online via our US reseller FastSpring ( You may make a payment using a credit card or use your PayPal account. With online payment, our systems are automated and everything happens without human intervention - the credit card is billed, confirmation of your payment is received, the customer gets an invoice by email, our internal IT systems are updated. This happens every year - setting up and changing all the configuration of the hosting systems, backups, domains and server configuration manually every year.     If your company does not use credit cards nor have a PayPal account, you may purchase the service directly from us -  the developer. In this case, please contact us at and provide us with the following information: service you wish to purchase (plan according to the amount of maps, design customisation, and type of hosting service). Please note - a  20% administration fee for manual handling of the process will be applied to your invoice. In case you purchase it directly from us - by wire transfer - all the process described above is made manually every year. The 20% fee also includes the support we can provide to the customer and the quality assurance. 

Do we provide a name for the project?

You will have to provide us with the name you wish to use for your project. This name will appear in your project page URL as a subdomain - for example - Institutions usually use their institution name.

And a new Georeferencer project is coming...

A new project will be set-up after completion of the following steps:

  1. Order and payment (credit card/PayPal/wire transfer)

  2. FTP access* for the hosting (we will send you a URL, login and password)

  3. Upload of images* (you upload the images to our server)

  4. Metadata Spreadsheet (submit your valid spreadsheet)

  5. Design requirements* (default is orange. If you wish to adjust the design of your project page, please provide us with a link to your web page that you wish for us to integrate your Georeferencer project page with)

  6. Conversion of maps to IIIF format (our turn, approx. 1 week)

  7. Voilà. Ready to start georeferencing!

* If you do not request hosting through Klokan Technologies (steps 2 and 3) or design customization (step 5), relevant steps are omitted


How quickly is the service delivered, once the payment is made?

The service is delivered to you within two weeks after you make your images accessible to us (uploaded to our servers or through links to your zoomable viewer) and provide a correct metadata sheet.

How you deliver the project page to us?
Once the import is made, you will get 2 urls. One url with the project page for georeferencing (see example at and the second url ( with the widgets and other deliverables for your internal use (for integration to your own website, for example).

Is there an annual fee?

Yes, a regular annual fee is charged for the maintenance of the service (item Georeferencer for GLAM - up to XXX maps) and a payment for IIIF Hosting (if required). If you made your payment using a credit card, the annual fee is automatically applied (you are notified about 10 days before the payment is due, and provided with a possibility to cancel in advance).

Can we add our institution logo or it is necessary to pay for design customization?

The integration of the logo is a part of Initial Setup Service and does not require any additional fee for design customization.

Can the institutions add more maps to the project?

Yes, an additional import is possible. After the purchase of the additional import (please contact, you can provide us with a new metadata sheet and we will import all of the images into your project. It is possible that this will result in reaching the limit of your hosting or project plan - if this occurs, it will be necessary to upgrade plans (for more information enquire at

Our images are available online, can we use them for the Georeferencer project?

You can use them if the zoomable viewer is compatible with Georeferencer. Please send a link with one of your maps to and enquire as to whether the viewer is compatible with the service.

What are the advantages of IIIF Hosting?

IIIF Hosting service is a very fast, efficient and secure hosting on our servers, which guarantees that service will run smoothly and perfectly. If your images are online in a zoomable viewer, then that aspect of the service will not run on our server.

In which format do we have to deliver the images?

We recommend that our clients upload uncompressed TIFF images, which guarantee the best image quality for IIIF Hosting service.

How can we upload our scans/images to your servers?

Once payment has been received, we will provide you with FTP access (you will receive a URL, Login and Password) and you can upload all of your data to our server.

In which language is the project page delivered?

The project page is delivered in English by default.  If you wish to use another language (or bilingual or multilingual version), please enquire at This additional development is charged hourly.

Can we connect the project page URL with our own web page?

Yes, of course.

Can our georefereced maps be integrated to the database? Is there a fee?

Yes, the integration of maps is free of charge for our Georeferencer customers with IIIF Hosting service. If you wish to add your georeferenced collection to the database, please contact us at and provide us with the logo of your institution and a short paragraph describing the map collection.

If there is a bug, will Klokan Technologies fix it?

Yes, if you find a bug, please contact Our technicians will fix it.